16 December 1914 - 08.10am - Heugh Battery
The Heugh Battery fires it's guns in 'Anger' at three German Battle cruisers.

How many other areas in the United Kingdom can tell you about a World War One Battlefield site?

NONE!, is the answer. The Heugh Battery on the Headland at Hartlepool is the only location in England where our land forces engaged the enemy strike force during World War One.

On 16 December 1914 when German warships bombarded Hartlepool, the soldiers manning the Heugh Battery returning fire in 'Anger' at the three German cruisers in a fierce land and sea battle. Loses and casulties were high for such a small north east town, but the men of the Heugh Battery carried on fearlessly defending the Hartlepool's.
Heugh Battery becomes UK's First Home - WW1 'Live Battlefield'
Heugh Battery Remembered

16th December at 08.10am every year The Heugh Battery Museum holds a memorail service.